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Somerset 3D


Creative Somerset

Somerset's stimulating natural environment, entrepreneurial heritage and collaborative business community help form our unique creative spirit.

It’s the same spirit behind the world-famous Glastonbury Festival, Europe’s most distinctive arts event, which attracts nearly 200,000 people each year.

But creative ideas don't just belong to Somerset's creative sector - they are crucial elements in helping businesses in all our industries increase profits and outperform their rivals.
Somerset’s engineering and aerospace companies lead the world in innovation and originality.
Our Business Services specialists are constantly developing new ways to make companies more efficient, so they can focus on boosting profits.
Energy and Environmental Technology firms are meeting the vital challenge of generating cleaner and greener power, whether from nuclear fuel or wind turbines.
Delicious and healthy Somerset produce is being sold by our Food and Drink sector, along with innovative ways of marketing them – such as the famous Cheddar-cam.
Another of Somerset's bright ideas is Bridgwater Carnival – the largest illuminated Carnival in Europe – which is seen by crowds of over 150,000.
Find out about Somerset's growing creative industries