Entrepreneurial Somerset

Somerset is one of the most prominent areas of the country for new business start-ups, despite the economic difficulties of recent years, and continues to be one of the best locations from which ambitious entrepreneurs can maximise their business potential.

The county has a strong entrepreneurial heritage that drives invention and innovation across all industries. It is home to a large number of very successful entrepreneurial companies and offers exciting business and lifestyle opportunities for professionals seeking a more rewarding life, without compromising their business aspirations.

Located in the heart of the South West, Somerset is extremely well-connected thanks to excellent road and rail links, meaning access to markets is maximised whilst the cost of transportation can be kept to a minimum. London is only two hours away and with a choice of international airports on the doorstep, Europe and the rest of the world are within easy reach.

In addition to its excellent transport connections, many entrepreneurs are attracted to Somerset because of its cost-effective commercial property, top UK broadband connectivity rates and strong business support network. The short commute times are also a bonus – two-thirds of Somerset’s working population travel less than six miles to work. Entrepreneurs also choose Somerset because of its clean air, easy access to coast and countryside, and top-class schools and colleges.

Around 20,000 people move to Somerset every year, many of whom are 25-44 years old with the freedom to choose where they want to work and live. A significant number of these are entrepreneurs or sole traders, bringing an ever increasing energy and drive, encouraging further business success and development.

High-flying pioneers have always felt at home in Somerset. The market town of Chard has the proud distinction of being the birthplace of aviation, with the first powered flight in 1848 by John Stringfellow. That proud aviation tradition is still carried on by world-leading helicopter manufacturer AgustaWestland, just down the road in Yeovil.

Another Somerset entrepreneur who stepped into new territory was Cyrus Clark, who moved from tanning sheepskin rugs to producing slippers and established Clarks, the famous footwear firm, in 1830. Today, Clarks sells 41million pairs of shoes worldwide each year.

Somerset’s rural community is particularly effective at founding, developing and diversifying into new businesses such as tourism, renewable energy, commercial workspace, outdoor adventure activities and various food and drink initiatives.

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