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Somerset 3D


Somerset 3D is top Tweeter

Somerset 3D is reaching its target audience by embracing online social media.

With a digital presence across dozens of ‘Web 2.0’ new media platforms, Somerset 3D is reaching young city entrepreneurs and professionals as well as finding audiences that are otherwise impossible to reach.

The organisation recognises that so-called ‘Generation Y’ Internet users are essential to the future financial health of Somerset, with its strong foundation in the high-tech, engineering and creative industries.

Generation Y web users expect content tailored to them, delivered to their desktops and available anywhere and at any time.

Somerset 3D now has one of the largest followings of its kind on popular social network site Twitter and members of business and social network sites LinkedIn, Facebook and ecademy can discuss the benefits of living and doing business in Somerset on established forums.

Our high-profile digital campaign is targeting executives, professionals and business owners in London, the South East and the UK’s main conurbations. Integration with an intensive and highly successful Public Relations campaign has led to a shift in perception about Somerset.

With the advent of high speed broadband, the county is becoming the destination for businesses of all sizes looking to move away from the high living costs, stress and commuting of London and the South East. Excellent schools, beautiful coastline and rolling countryside also make Somerset the perfect place to raise a family.

Graham Godwin-Pearson, of digital specialist Mendip Media, which has led the campaign along with public relations company ADPR, says, “Using online media, such as Twitter, allows us to reach our target audience – 22-45-year-old business leaders and professionals based in London and the South East who are looking to move to Somerset where the can grow their business and enjoy a better quality of life.”

Since its launch earlier this year, Somerset 3D’s website has been visited by tens of thousands of people interested in relocating.