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Solar PV seminar for landowners

Landowners, agents and representatives have attended a seminar about the practicalities and legalities of solar installations in Somerset.
On Wednesday night, a seminar was held in Taunton to offer guidance to property- and landowners who are considering installing solar PV arrays on land or industrial roofs.
The event was organised by law firm Clarke Willmott LLP and property agent Knight Frank and comes just a month after Glastonbury Festival founder Michael Eavis unveiled the biggest PV array on the roof of his farm in Glastonbury, Somerset.
Speakers Tom Hyde of Clarke Willmott and Christopher Smith from Knight Frank outlined the opportunities and pitfalls of a homegrown installation, how it can pay for itself, add value and even generate an income under the Government’s Feed In Tariff (FIT) scheme.
Installing a solar PV array is an attractive proposition in Somerset, since the sunshine hours are amongst the highest in the country and planning officers are keen to help landowners and developers beat the FIT deadline.
Smith gave four key pieces of advice:
-       Don’t sign an exclusivity agreement without legal advice,
-       Satisfy yourself as to the financial standing and ability of the developer,
-       There may only be time (in view of the FIT deadline) for one set of negotiations with one developer,
-       A signed option agreement does not guarantee a solar farm on your land.
An example given at the seminar was a successful planning application for a privately funded, two-acre solar PV farm in Long Sutton, South Somerset. The application has recently been approved and the equipment is being purchased.
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