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Coordinated support for renewables businesses

Two organisations in Somerset have teamed up to provide practical help to companies in the renewables sector based in Somerset or looking to move to the county.

Last month, we reported on how the Manufacturing Advisory Service in the South West (MAS-SW) is working closely with the West of England Aerospace Forum (WEAF) to provide a smooth landing for companies in the renewables sector looking to relocate to Somerset.

Now, MAS-SW has teamed up with inward investment agency Somerset 3D to provide solutions to manufacturing companies already in the county.

For example, a wind turbine company has received help in solving an engineering problem. As an island nation, Britain’s wind is variable and even gusty in comparison to other parts of the world, meaning a special configuration of shaft and gearbox is required.

MAS-SW applied its engineering expertise and Somerset 3D its networking capabilities to put the wind turbine company in touch with a manufacturer who could help with the equipment.

The result is a higher quality product that will survive heavier gusts for UK wind turbine installations.

Somerset 3D’s investment manager, Gerard Tucker, says, “This kind of partnership provides a fast track for solutions to the renewables industry.

“The skills developed in the aerospace industry in Somerset demonstrates the ability of companies and staff to respond to advanced technology requirements. This approach is well suited to the development of the renewable energy sector".

Manufacturing in the south west is an £11bn industry, employing almost 300,000 people.

See why Somerset is the new home of the renewables industry (video).

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