COEMI UK Case Study

As an environmental technology, wind energy is an important, carbon-free, renewable resource. Combining energy saving and power generation, it is also a big growth area with plenty of job opportunities. One company maximising the business potential is Burnham on Sea-based Coemi UK Ltd. Coemi’s philosophy is to create a more energy conscious world for its customers, enabling them to make energy savings and generate their own energy from renewable sources.

Coemi installs wind turbines, handling the whole package from planning through to installation and maintenance. When the business started, clients tended to be smaller, domestic installations with no mains connections. Today, Coemi is providing energy solutions for home and industry, and working on much larger, grid-linked installations. Paul Young, Director at Coemi UK Ltd, says, “Somerset is an excellent place to do business. The links to the M5 corridor mean we have access to the East, West, North and South.
“The location and its transportation network put us just two hours from the Home Counties, the Midlands, and Wales. Easy, speedy access is highly beneficial given the amount of business we do outside of Somerset. And there’s the added benefit that overheads on basic business costs aren’t as high.”

There are currently 100,000 wind turbines linked to the grid, and although the majority are small, domestic units, they are making a contribution to the economy.

Paul Young says, “Wind power is an opportunity for farms with healthy wind speeds to cash in on the technology. Many farms have high electric consumption, and the energy produced by a wind turbine would reduce their bills, and could also attract a ROCs payment for every kWh produced.”

A ROCs payment (Renewable Obligation Certificate) is a green certificate issued to power generation businesses - a form of government bonus premium. It can be traded separately to the actual electricity, enabling businesses to generate additional revenue from renewable energy. Wind energy has a bright future, and from its Somerset base, Coemi is capitalising on that growth.

Coemi UK Ltd
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Burnham on Sea
Somerset TA8 1QR
Tel: 0870 383 1689