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Somerset 3D



Somerset's countryside is beautiful and just ten-minutes away from your desk here outside in the fresh air is worth more than an hour in a city.

Leona McDonald, Sharpham Park orgnaic food farm 

Why Relocate to Somerset?

Somerset offers outstanding opportunities for business development, combined with a top-quality lifestyle.

Our economy is built around ambitious small businesses, with almost 85% of our companies, including home-workers, employing up to 10 staff.

There are also a significant number of multinationals, global market-leaders and other major employers in Somerset.

Move your business to Somerset and you will benefit from fast road and rail links, providing quick and easy access from the heart of the West Country to London, the Midlands and the rest of the UK.

With some of the best broadband connectivity and take-up rates in the UK, being in Somerset means your company can harness the power of the internet to boost sales and stay in touch.

Somerset businesses have a reputation for working together and our supportive business networks provide vital professional help and advice.

When it comes to living life to the full, nine out of ten businesses say they and their families enjoy a great quality of life, according to a recent Somerset 3D survey.

In Somerset, you will feel at home in friendly market towns and villages, enjoy the health benefits of walks in the country and by the sea and be close to excellent schools.

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