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The Hinkley C Supply Chain Project is the first point of call for business and agencies wishing to engage in the construction of this proposed nuclear new build project.

As part of its procurement strategy for Hinkley Point C, EDF Energy have partnered with the Somerset Chamber of Commerce to identify and support local businesses that want to become part of the supply chain.

Our website forms the central resource for all Somerset businesses, and externally located businesses, who wish to make the most of the opportunities arising out of the development.

The Hinkley Supply Chain team can offer advice to businesses who wish to collaborate with Somerset firms with complementary skills.

Businesses outside of Somerset who are considering relocating or opening a regional office in order to maximise the opportunities arising out of this £14billion investment in Somerset, should contact Somerset 3D in the early stages of their plans for advice and guidance.

Business Connections Say

"Strong business networks are fundamental for business success. Somerset is brimming with successful networks that will help your business grow."

Rupert Cox, CEO
Somerset Chamber of Commerce

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