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Somerset 3D


What is Somerset 3D? We have the answers

Somerset 3D is the county’s new inward investment organisation. But what are our aims and objectives and what difference can we make?

We asked Somerset 3D interim CEO, Rupert Cox, eight key questions that business people want to know about Somerset 3D and why the county is the place ‘where you and your business can grow’.

Q. What is Somerset 3D?
A.  Somerset 3D is the county’s inward investment organisation. Our role is to encourage businesses to move to Somerset and enjoy our unbeatable business environment and lifestyle and to support our indigenous businesses to be even more successful. In short, ‘we promote Somerset as the place where you and your business can grow.’

Q. Why is Somerset 3D needed?
A. Everyone realises that Somerset offers a wonderful lifestyle, but not so much is known about our business growth opportunities. In fact, Somerset has the highest business start-up rates per head of population outside London. Somerset 3D is publicising the county’s business potential throughout the UK and abroad through articles in the national, local and trade press, online sites, blogs, social networking sites, through our website and more.

Q. Why should I move my business to Somerset?
A. We are just two hours from London and Birmingham, with excellent road and rail networks and three regional airports nearby that reach global destinations. Somerset’s Broadband connectivity is among the best in the UK so you are never too far from anyone or anywhere. Families look to move to Somerset because of our excellent state and private schools, where 91.5% of parents get their first choice of state secondary school, compared with 66% in some areas of London.

Q. How many people relocate to Somerset each year?
A. More and more people are leaving the stress of city life behind and moving to Somerset to start a new life and a new business. Every year, around 20,000 people relocate here, with the majority aged from 25-44 and coming from London, the South East and other cities. They are attracted by our countryside, coast and clean air, friendly market towns, short commute times and first-class educational opportunities.

Q. My business is already in Somerset. How can I help?
A. A key part of Somerset 3D role is to work in partnership with successful Somerset businesses to tell first-hand - through case studies, for example - about the difference being in Somerset makes. You can also let you on-line contacts know about Somerset through viral networks such as LinkedIn or Ecademy. If you want to take part, email me at For other ways to assist, see our 10 Simple Ways You can Help story.

Q. Why do you find Somerset so special?
A. I have lived and worked in Somerset all my life and I can say from personal experience that there is nowhere better. I represent the Somerset Chamber of Commerce helping to establish and nurture businesses throughout the county, so I know that Somerset really is the place where you and your business can grow. Our entrepreneurial and creative flare, coupled with a streak of independence, is the ideal environment to encourage inward investment and business growth. The other thing that makes Somerset special is our superb cricket team!

Q. Who runs Somerset 3D and how is it funded?
A. Somerset 3D is chaired by Honor Chapman CBE, a leading figure in the world of commercial property and the first Chief Executive and founder of Think London, the Capital’s official foreign direct investment agency. Honor now lives and farms in Somerset and is passionate about the county’s business potential. The Somerset 3D board includes key business figures and local authority representatives - who have contributed the majority of the funding. 

Q. How can I find out more information?
A. Find out more information by reading through this website. You can phone us on 0845 122 2066, email: or write to Rupert Cox, Somerset 3D Interim CEO, Equity House, Blackbrook Business Park, Taunton, Somerset TA1 2PX