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Somerset is the UK’s top county for recycling, new figures show – re-enforcing the potential for green businesses.

Somerset recycled an average of 51% of its household waste in 2007/08, more than any other county, saving £7million costs. In addition, 92% of it was recycled in Britain.

The statistics prove that Somerset is the UK’s leading green county and shows the potential for environmental and energy businesses in the county, says inward investment organisation Somerset 3D.


One in three businesses in Somerset has been unaffected by the recession, a new survey has revealed.

Inward investment organisation Somerset 3D says this demonstrates continuing confidence and strategic planning among a sizeable section of the county’s businesses.

Acting Chief Executive Officer Rupert Cox says, “Somerset businesses are well-known for their entrepreneurial and independent spirit.


Somerset is attracting Britain’s best design students to a top college –
re-enforcing the strength of its key creative sector.

Talented undergraduates from the fashion department at Taunton’s Somerset College of Arts & Technology have enjoyed a series of successes at top design contests, ranking them among the best young designers in the UK and beyond.


Dragons’ Den entrepreneur Deborah Meaden says Somerset offers a host of advantages for businesses.

Deborah, who was born and lives in Somerset, says it provides excellent transportation links, communications, a skilled workforce, entrepreneurial spirit – and a wonderful lifestyle.


Somerset 3D, a bold, new, inward investment initiative, welcomes the latest Government announcement that it intends to push for job creation in the environmental and renewable energy services.

Back in December 08, The Chancellor of the Exchequer said £535m will be spent "more quickly" on measures which will create potentially one million "high-value green collar jobs". Chairman of the Environmental Industries Commission, Adrian Wilkes, is also suggesting that “green collar jobs” offer a solution to the current economic crisis.


Somerset’s has been praised in the national press for being a great place to escape city stress and live the Good Life.

There has never been a better time to trade up to a larger home in the country, says the Daily Express property section on Friday 16 January, and Somerset is ideally placed with property prices around a third cheaper than in London.

For entrepreneurs and their families who want to escape long daily commutes, Somerset offers a chance to relocate and grow their business and well as living the Good Life.


Canny Somerset businesses are showing their famous entrepreneurial spirit – by being the first in Britain to accept the Euro on a par with the pound.

The move from a hotel and shops in Dunster to offer a one-to-one exchange rate is an extra incentive to help lure more European tourists in 2009.

It was first introduced by hotelier Antony Brunt, from the Yarn Market Hotel, who is also chairman of the Exmoor Tourist Association, following a similar tactic in Ireland.


Somerset 3D, a bold, new inward investment initiative, has been introduced to the county’s business community.