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Somerset 3D to unveil new marketing campaign to Somerset businesses

Posted: 3/2/12

Somerset ambassadors Deborah Meaden, Sarah Parish and Michael Eavis are backing the new Somerset 3D 'So Well Connected' marketing campaign, which will be launched on Tuesday 14 February at the Taunton Rugby Club. Businesses across the county are invited to attend the unveiling of this new campaign where they will have an opportunity to network with other business representatives from across the county.

Rupert Cox, Chief Executive of Somerset 3D, comments, “We are very excited about the launch of the new Somerset 3D marketing campaign, which will shine a light on some of the most exciting elements of doing business in Somerset. Through this campaign we will highlight the ‘connectedness’ of Somerset, with a view to boosting business investment in the county and thereby generating jobs for Somerset residents.

“We are fortunate to be so well connected in Somerset, with excellent road and rail links, a dynamic and supportive business network, and a forthcoming multi-million pound government investment in Somerset’s superfast broadband, which will help to ensure that businesses within the county can become even more competitive, adding to the county’s already impressive £9billion economy.”

Businesspeople interested in attending the event should visit the Somerset 3D website, www.somerset3d.co.uk, and click on the link for the So Well Connected launch.

Somerset 3D handled 76 genuine investment enquiries between January and December 2011, with interest coming from businesses based both in the UK and overseas. A total of 14 of these companies have already invested in Somerset, with around 300 projected jobs being created once their investments are complete.

Somerset 3D offers a tailored business relocation service, giving advice and information to facilitate the process. To find out more about the many varied opportunities that Somerset can offer, or for advice and guidance on setting up a business in Somerset call on 0845 1222 066 or visit www.somerset3d.co.uk.