5 years ago the family run Hecks Cider was very well known in its home town of Street, but not so well known abroad. Then came the first order for their farmhouse cider from Russia, and soon after they started exporting to the USA. There seems to be something that both of the importing countries agree on: the quality and taste of the traditional variety of Somerset Cider.

Founded in 1841 and using traditional cider apples from the local orchards around Street and Glastonbury, Hecks have been producing award winning ciders for a long time. Today they offer a range of traditionally made farmhouse ciders, single variety ciders, farmhouse perry, single variety perry, non-alcoholic apple juices, cider vinegars and a range of other products.Their products are made following family traditions that have been passed down from generation to generation, using tried and tested methods.

Stepping into the export market was a new and novel experience for them but with the help of an experienced trade adviser from the regional Department of International Trade, and through developing links initially with small importers abroad they have grown in experience. Networking is also one of the key ingredients to enable them to identify more possibilities to expand their market. They are now well and truly thinking globally, whilst acting locally. Helping to ensure that their cider-making carries on for many generations to come.

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Hecks Cider is part of Somerset's very strong food & drink sector

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