Somerset’s festivals: a buzzing year-round opportunity for creative businesses

Following another hugely successful Glastonbury Festival, you might think things wind down a bit in Somerset – but that’s far from the case! Glastonbury is the biggest performing arts festival in the world but in Somerset it’s really just the tip of the iceberg, as the county’s creative juices keep on flowing all year round, bringing great business opportunities for the creative industries.

Glastonbury FoxGlastonbury attracts over 170,000 festival-goers each year and contributes heavily to the Somerset economy, with over £25million spent on-site and roughly the same spent off-site by revellers and traders during the festival. However, it is just one of a number of events in a busy calendar of arts and music festivals, events and celebrations throughout the year to engage and inspire the abundant creativity within the county.

For instance, hot on the heels of Glastonbury and only about 20 miles away is the Frome Festival Frome Festovals for the Arts, Frome in Somerset(5-14 July 2013). Hailed as one of the most diverse and successful community arts festivals in the country, the Frome Festival comprises close to 200 events in up to 40 different venues and attracts more than 30,000 people. Its winning combination of top comedy acts and live musical talent alongside interesting talks, exhibitions and workshops, attracts visitors from far and wide. Fashion designer, Pearl Lowe, recently told a national Sunday magazine that she loves the annual event, while Frome was named earlier this year as the sixth coolest place to live in the UK.

The Somerset Art Weeks Festival (21 September to 6 October 2013) is another popular annual event, showcasing a range of art projects and exhibitions across Somerset at over 109 exhibitions, events and artist-led projects, with more than 400 artists participating. Launched in 1994, it is a celebration of a variety of arts, from pottery, painting and watercolour to new technology, installation and live arts. This perfect platform for the creative talent within the county is also supporting a new wave of artists through its spin-off project, InspirED, a countywide agency dedicated to enriching creative arts and learning for Somerset's children and young people. 

The world renowned Bridgwater Carnival (2 November 2013) is the largest illuminated carnival in Europe, with people coming from far and wide to see the impressive carnival floats that grow in scope and ambition every year. A spectacular performance of singing, dancing and illuminationsChildren at Bridgwater Carnival is topped off with the simultaneous firing of lots of large fireworks, known as ‘squibbing’. If the Bridgwater Carnival doesn’t light your creative fire, then nothing will!

Somerset really is a thriving, exciting hub of creativity all year round. Set in a stunning part of the country, it’s hardly a surprise that there’s always a buzz in the air here. It’s the perfect location for creative businesses, giving you the head-space to think clearly and be imaginative, with a wealth of entertainment and attractions to inspire you, yet you can still be in London within a couple of hours.

Somerset has no fewer than six thriving theatres and is within easy reach of Bristol, Bath, Exeter and Plymouth, so there is huge scope in the area for cultural immersion and inspiration.

Isn’t it time to think more creatively about your own working environment?





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