Brewed in the historic Somerset brewing town of Wiveliscombe, on the fringes of Exmoor National Park, the beers from Exmoor Ales are the regions most popular cask ale. The company, one of the original new wave of British microbreweries in the late 1970s, has now been selected to appear in the 2015/16 manufacturing edition of The Parliamentary Review.

According to Darren Norbury of 'Beer Today':

"The publication has a foreword by the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Philip Hammond, and features a small number of outstanding organisations in the food and drink manufacturing edition, including Burts potato chips and Fentimans soft drinks.

Exmoor Ales’ managing director, Jonathan Price, said the inclusion of the brewery was further proof of the dynamic position of the British brewing industry, of which Exmoor has been part of since 1979.

Exmoor GoldHe said: “With over 1,900 breweries in the UK, and growing at more than 100 a year, it certainly is a compliment for Exmoor Ales to be singled out of the crowd.

“Although we are the largest brewery in Somerset, Exmoor Ales is still quite modest in scale, though our flagship brand, Exmoor Gold, the first and original golden ale in the UK, has really extended the reach of our brand well beyond the West Country.

“This year was its 30th birthday and I often reflect on the luck of 1986 when this recipe was first made simply as a one-off beer marking the company’s 1,000th brew and inadvertently launched what has now become the fastest growing beer style, offered by just about every brewery.”

He added: “It was a great surprise and compliment for Exmoor Ales to be selected for inclusion in the year’s Parliamentary Review and I was really proud to be invited to the House of Commons for the launch of the publication. What’s more, it tops off a milestone first year in the new brewery. It is wonderful to have such recognition for a Somerset brewery and our home town of Wiveliscombe, which has been a famous brewing town since 1807.”

Alongside pieces from the selected representatives and words from the Chancellor, the review also contains a look back at the year in Westminster and manufacturing, with the political commentary written by Mark D’Arcy (the BBC’s Parliamentary correspondent). The document is sent out to tens of thousands of leading policymakers, with the articles acting as both a blueprint for success and a template for reform."

To celebrate their 30 years as a business, Exmoor Ales have brewed the new Exmoor Antler beer, but it's most famous beers are Exmoor Gold and Exmoor Beast. Exmoor Ales are one of the 20+ breweries in Somerset that came together in 2013 to form a loose collaboration of the Somerset Brewers Association.

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