From Highways England (14/02/2017)

"The A303 is the most direct main route between the south east and the south west. Tens of thousands of people use the road every day, including tourists on their way to some of the nation’s favorite holiday destinations.

The aim is to transform the route into an expressway, a new type of strategic road which is as safe and reliable as a motorway and where ‘mile-a-minute’ journeys are the norm.

In its Road Investment Strategy, the government has identified eight separate sections of road along the A303 and A358 to Taunton where upgrades are needed, and has made funding available for the first three to get under way

The section of the A303 between Sparkford and Ilchester currently comprises of a mix of dual and single lane carriageway, which leads to localised congestion, impacting adversely on journey times and journey time reliability.

We are proposing to dual the 3 mile section of single carriageway between Sparkford and Ilchester, with a view to creating nearly 30 miles of dual carriageway on the A303 between South Petherton and Mere.

The proposed scheme provides a number of benefits to road users, businesses, the local community and tourists, they include:

  • relieving traffic congestion on a vital link to the South West peninsula
  • providing more reliable journey times
  • improving safety and reducing driver stress by providing a more free-flowing network
  • providing safer local access provisions for pedestrians, cyclists and other non-motorised users
  • supporting the local economy to grow through the creation of a modernised and reliable road that reduces delays and makes the South West more accessible for tourism and business
  • improving the environment by reducing pollution from queuing traffic, particularly during the busy summer month

All of the consultation information is available on this webpage including a brochure with a summary of the proposed route options, event information boards, and our consultation questionnaire."

Events are also being held in February and March 2017 for businesses and residents to find out more and to comment.

For all of the information about the options being considered please see the dedicated Highways England website

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