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Somerset natural home for creation of jobs for green collar workers

Somerset 3D, a bold, new, inward investment initiative, welcomes the latest Government announcement that it intends to push for job creation in the environmental and renewable energy services. Back ... more

Somerset for the Good Life

Somerset’s has been praised in the national press for being a great place to escape city stress and live the Good Life. There has never been a better time to trade up to a larger home in the country, ... more

Euro deals shows Somerset's entrepreneurial spirit

Canny Somerset businesses are showing their famous entrepreneurial spirit – by being the first in Britain to accept the Euro on a par with the pound. The move from a hotel and shops in Dunster to offe... more

Somerset 3D introduced at annual business conference

Somerset 3D, a bold, new inward investment initiative, has been introduced to the county’s business community. Around 200 delegates at the annual Somerset in Business Conference, discussed ways to r... more