Great place
to enjoy life


With golden sands, historic harbours, flower-filled meadows, tranquil rivers and underground caves to explore - there's something for everyone in Somerset. If you're searching for a better quality of life, with lots of healthy fresh air and local produce, then turn your gaze to the South West.

In addition to a great working environment, there's plenty to keep you busy at the weekends too. Somerset has a thriving creative community - it's the birthplace of Glastonbury Festival after all! Carnivals, food festivals and museums are all right on your doorstep.

House prices in Somerset are much lower than in big cities - often by 30% or more. Plus, we have a variety of schools and colleges to choose from, helping the move go smoothly for the entire family.

If you've yet to visit Somerset, we recommend that you hop on a train, drive on down, or fly into one of the neighbouring airports - it might just inspire you to make the move.

Below: one of the many art galleries in the County: the Black Swan Gallery in Frome