Extensive energy skills knowledge
The new nuclear renaissance
New development in the food industry
World-leading aerospace and engineering
Somerset’s fastest-growing key sector
The growth of the knowledge economy

Key Industry Sectors

Somerset has five high-performing key sectors that will reward inward investors with prospects of strong financial returns and collaboration with a network of successful world-class businesses.

Established Somerset sectors of Food and Drink and Advanced Engineering and Aerospace complement the growing sectors of Creative Industries and Business Services.

The emerging Energy and Environmental Technologies sector is set to play a crucial role in Somerset, which is the UK's first transition county and is at the forefront of environmental planning.

The innovative Advanced Engineering and Aerospace sector supports around 9,500 jobs and is focused around a cluster of world-class companies in South Somerset.

Somerset's Food and Drink sector is worth more than £500million to the economy and is supported by 8,500 farmers and food producers - more than anywhere else in the UK.

Business Services companies - many of which have moved from the London  area – employ more than 31,600 workers, up more than 37% from 2000-2005.

The Creative sector is Somerset's fastest growing. The vast majority of firms are small businesses, who contribute a huge £314million between them.

Somerset's emerging Energy and Environmental Technology sector is rapidly expanding, with more than 100 companies specialising in everything from nuclear energy to power from vegetable waste.