Hinkley C opportunities for collaboration and new investment

Significant effort is being taken by the Somerset Hinkley Supply Chain Team, a joint Somerset Chamber of Commerce and EDF Energy project, to develop good intelligence of local supplier capability in order to deliver an effective supplier matching exercise for main contractors early enough in the Hinkley C new nuclear programme.

This work is allowing the joint Chamber and Somerset 3D teams to build strong relationships with the National and International Tier 1 contractors which will lead to significant investment in Somerset.

Chris Langdon, who is leading the project on behalf of the Somerset Chamber of Commerce comments "To date 23 national and international contractors are in close contact with the Hinkley Supply Chain Team and Somerset 3D about their needs as bids are developed for Tier 1 contracts. As these get awarded we expect a significant number of Tier 2 level contractors to also engage with us."

In addition to the investment being sought from Tier 1 and 2 contractors there are clear opportunities to encourage collaboration between existing Somerset suppliers and skilled regional, national or international suppliers. As in the best forms of collaboration all partners could win. Local Somerset suppliers could raise their profile by partnering with suppliers bringing specialist skills and experience in civil engineering projects, and regional, national and international suppliers can develop a local base through partnership. "A local presence could  bring flexibility and improve the profile of bids" says Chris, " and the project gets delivered more effectively whilst also increasing the capability and capacity of the local nuclear supply chain."

To assist in this process the Hinkley Supply Chain Team and Somerset 3D have developed a “Partnership Enquiry” form where regional, national and international suppliers can register their interest in sourcing local suppliers for a collaborative approach.

The Somerset 3D team will then search the local supplier database for suppliers with the relevant capability and make the necessary introductions. The link is https://www.hinkleysupplychain.co.uk/