High-Speed Fibre Broadband for Somerset Businesses

£94million investment in Somerset and Devon bringing high-speed fibre broadband to businesses.

For businesses wanting to relocate to Somerset, connectivity is one of the most important considerations. The ability to trade quickly and easily online, take bookings and use social media as an effective marketing tool are increasingly vital components of a company’s business plan.

Access to good quality broadband is therefore essential, so the government has provided investment to give this a boost in rural areas like Somerset. Broadband Delivery UK (BDUK) has been set up to enable the roll out of high-speed fibre broadband to areas deemed commercially unviable by the private sector.

By early 2014, this first phase of the programme is due to have made high-speed technology available to at least 15,000 homes and businesses in these communities.

Connecting Devon and Somerset is the programme bringing high-speed fibre broadband to Somerset. With £94million to invest in infrastructure roll out, the scheme is the largest publicly funded broadband project in England.

The deal agreed with the private sector partner, BT, aims to deliver high-speed fibre broadband to at least 90% of premises by the end of 2016 and to ensure a minimum of 2Mbps broadband speeds for all.

These improvements will make a real difference to living and working in the county and will open up opportunities for even more businesses to work in the some of the most beautiful rural settings in the country.

Download the Connecting Devon and Somerset High-Speed Broadband project details - July 2013.


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