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Somerset 3D


Somerset County Overview

Somerset is ideally situated in the heart of the West Country, between the cities of Bristol and Bath, the Bristol Channel, and the Devon, Dorset and Wiltshire borders.

Somerset is the place where you and your business can grow. More than 20,000 people a year migrate into Somerset – half of them from London and the South East. Most are aged between 25 and 44 and come with their families, according to the Office for National Statistics.

Entrepreneurs choose to relocate to Somerset because of the good clean air, easy access to coast and countryside, great schools and the short commute times. Two-thirds of Somerset’s working population travel less than six miles to work.

The county has a population of nearly 500,000 and growing. Our major centres are the capital, Taunton, along with Bridgwater and Yeovil.

Somerset’s network of vibrant market towns and numerous tranquil, rural villages nestled within its hills and moors, means the county offers a wide choice of stunning locations for both businesses and families – with property around 30% cheaper than in London.

The county council's website provides more information about Somerset