Somerset 3D Business Ambassadors

Somerset 3D works closely with influential Business Ambassadors to promote the county across a range of business sectors.  They play a key role in raising the profile of the county and stimulating inward investment and assist us by:

  • Seeking leads for new investors and passing these onto Somerset 3D
  • Raising awareness of the excellent business opportunities available in Somerset
  • Selling the benefits of the county as a great place to live and raise a family
  • Inspiring new Ambassadors to promote Somerset
  • Providing sponsorship

There are some quick and easy ways that you can support Somerset 3D's promotion of the county. These include:

  • Adding a line at the end of your email signature such as:  Somerset - The Natural Choice for Business - join us!
  • Linking to our website
  • Circulating the Somerset 3D 60 second awareness video which can be found here, to your contacts
  • Joining our conversations on Twitter and LinkedIN and UTube

We would love to hear from Somerset brand owners who are known nationally or internationally in order to work with them to raise the profile of Somerset.  Brands who have already featured in the Natural Choice for Business campaign include:  Yeo Valley,  Ariel Motors, Wykes Farms, Mulberry,  Barber Cheese, Styles Icecream, Numatic International (Henry), Bay Tree Food Company, Sassi Holford Design, Charles Hazlewood, Thatchers Cider, AgustaWestland, Haynes Publishing, Crown Pet Food, Perry's Cider, Michael Eavis and Glastonbury Festivals and Deborah Meaden and Fox Brothers. 

Recent sponsors on Somerset 3D include:

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 Pardoes Logo  Abbey Manor Logo 

Somerset County Council