Singer Instruments

Singer instruments, Roadwater, West Somerset

Singer Instruments is an example of a high tech, high value company successfully operating within a National Park. The company has been located in the Exmoor village of Roadwater for over 30 years and now employs over 20 people designing and manufacturing laboratory robotics for cancer research, exporting to over 60 countries across the globe.

The high precision nature of the business, coupled with the small size of the finished products makes this an ideal business for the rural environment with limited access requirements and limited impacts on the surrounding area. In 2010 it was estimated the company was worth over £2m to the local rural economy.

When the firm came to expand its premises in 2010 it used local contractors and a local architects firm. Pre-application discussions with the National Park Authority resulted in a modern, interesting, bespoke building that met the needs of the growing company whilst being acceptable in the context of the National Park’s characteristics which such industrial businesses are less common.

“This new building is a far cry from the disused joinery workshop in which my father started in Roadwater in 1980”, explains managing director Dr Harry Singer. “Since then we have invested heavily in new buildings, CAD design facilities and a state-of-the-art CNC machine shop. This new building is part of our planned expansion and I believe that high tech, high added value specialist manufacturing businesses like ours are ideal for locations like Exmoor. What a great place for our twenty local employees to live and work”.

The technology being developed and produced by Singer Instruments include solutions for:

  • High Throughput Screening
  • Colony Imaging & Analysis
  • Agar Plate Pouring
  • Tetrad Dissection

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